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New Stuff

Ktop is rolling out a few new things this year so bare with us! We are hoping it will make things easier.

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Homebase is the only site we will use for KTOP onboarding as well as "clocking in/out". You will receive an email from them inviting you to join them EACH APPLICANT NEEDS THEIR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER.

You can download the app on your phone or use it from the computer.

Parents since the crew will be communicating from this app, if you don't get alerts because your number isn't used as a contact for an applicant or if you want two ways to get information, 


You will be given a 4 digit pin for Clocking in/out -WRITE IT DOWN! MEMORIZE IT.


The timeclock system will take a picture of you when you clock in and out to ensure the hours go to the correct employee.


Homebase timeclock system will need your coordinates when you clock in/out, so your GPS will be recorded to help document information properly.

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