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KTOP HandBook

Thank you for choosing KTOP Corntopping for your summer job! We truly value the opportunity to work alongside you. Our primary focus is to create a safe and supportive work environment while fostering a strong work ethic and positive attitude within each crew.

Our leaders, both in the field and office, are supportive and highly motivated. They strive to ensure that you not only enjoy your work but also receive the respect you deserve. 

As a crucial contributor to our achievements, we kindly request that each detasseler:

  • Work diligently on the days requested.

  • Show respect to both leaders and fellow detasselers.

  • Give their best effort in the field to enhance efficiency and maintain quality.


We look forward to a productive and rewarding season with you!

HandBook Details

Orientation Meeting

Before the season starts, each crew will have an orientation meeting where parents and workers are encouraged to attend to get valuable information and insight into our operations, pickup sites and times, safety, leadership contacts, & what to bring and wear.

When do we Start

The detasseling season generally starts the first part of July. You will be notified of the season’s start between 24 and 72 hours in advance via email. It’s not unusual to get notified the night before the first day of work. We notify everyone as soon as the Seed Companies notify us that a field is ready for detasseling.


No specific amount of work can be guaranteed since a season length depends on corn growth, weather, and other variables not under our control. The detasseling season can last anywhere from 12 to 25 working days.

The First Day

The first day is always the toughest. Show up early to the field or KTOP Bus pickup site. All paperwork must be completed before you're allowed to work.


Bring extra food and water, this will give you insight on what you want to bring the next day you work. Be attentive and cooperative to all leaders’ instructions.

Before you can Work

All detasselers must complete the following forms before they can start working and ensure timely and accurate pay checks.

1. Application / Agreement

2. I–9 Form: U.S. Department of Justice Employment Eligibility Verification

3. W-4 forms: Federal and State (2 separate forms)

4. Copies of 2 forms of ID’s

5. EPA/WPS Training Video watched. Signature gathered first day of work.

 Hourly Bonus

Zero - 40 Hours worked : Base Pay

40+ Hours Worked : $.40 cents extra per hour worked (Hours 40-79)

80+ Hours Worked : $.80 cents extra per hour worked (Hours 80+)


Important Note:

As an example- If you end up working 90 hours.

Hours 40-79 will have the $.40 cent bonus per hour.

Hours 80 to 90 will have the $.80 cents bonus per hour. 

What Should you Bring to Work?


(ie for bee stings, allergies, headaches or anything)
Please make us aware of any medical issues you may have so that we can be aware.


At least a 1 gallon water container. You can purchase 1 gallon containers during the orientation.


You are responsible for providing your own lunch. Many detasselers bring their lunch in a small cooler so they can use the cooler to sit on while they eat. We generally take a unpaid 30 minute lunch.

Bug Spray/Sunscreen
There is little to no shade, we highly recommend that you bring and wear sunscreen.

What Should you Wear?

Some fields will require long sleeves and provided masks. We will provide recommendations the day before so please review the suggested attire as we announce what fields we will work.

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