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Hello Corntopper’s, we will once again have a Bus for workers here in Kuna.

The bus stop for pick up and drop off is in the Kuna area. The bus will return the toppers to the same spot at the end of the day. The bus stop will be across from the Kuna Middle School off Boise St.

For those who do not ride the bus they will meet us at the field via their own transportation as has been done historically.
All corn toppers can ride the bus as we travel to the fields during the day.
All field address are on the website as needed.

Bus stop location?
Near the tennis courts by the Kuna Middle School.
here for the address.

Time bus leaves?

Time bus returns.
Topper will notify you as we finish up last field

Who can ride the bus?
Any Topper can ride the bus.
If you need a ride inbetween fields you can ride the bus.

At the end of the day if you need a ride back to the dropoff zone in Kuna you can ride the bus.

What happens if I miss the bus?
We encourage you to have your driver take you to the opening field and you can ride the bus back to Kuna at the end of work.

Are there other bus stops?
This is the only bus stop we have.


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